Specialised training

Our practically-focused training specialises in various topics. They can be delivered in multiple formats such as in-person, on-line or self-study.

Introduction to Software Testing

Learn the basics in 1 day & kick off your software testing career.

Self-Study Courses

Self-study at a time that suits you and from a place that you determine. 

(SK) Introduction to Cypress.io

An online, self-study course that will help you quickly learn to test using an intuitive tool called Cypress.io

(EN) Test Automation Using Robot Framework

Online self-study course. Get an introduction to test automation and Robot Framework.

(SK) Magical Postman

An online self-study course on Postman and API - REST for testers and developers alike.

(CZ) Introduction to Playwright

Discover the modern Playwright browser automation library and its native Playwright Test runner

(CZ) Introduction to Git and GitLab

Do you want to know more about Git and GitLab? In this free course, you will learn what they are and how to use them.

Automation Specialist Courses

Training courses focused primarily on test automation.

Test Automation using Robot Framework I.

Automated testing with no programming knowledge needed.

Test Automation using Robot Framework II.

For advanced testers who want to grow professionally and deepen their knowledge with Robot Framework.

Introduction to Playwright, Workshop

Get acquainted with Microsoft's browser automation library called Playwright, which is taking the testing world by storm. It is versatile and allows you to do anything you want with your browser.

Test Automation using Selenium and Java

Learn to create efficient and stabile automated tests using the Selenium WebDriver framework.

Advanced Automated Testing using Selenium and Appium

Get more expertise in effective front-end test automation for web and mobile applications.

Workshop: Automatizácia Testov v DevOps

Cieľom tohto workshopu je predstaviť účastníkom hlavné koncepty kontinuálneho testovania (continuous testing) ako aj poskytnúť skúsenosť s vytvorením prvej jednoduchej pipeline pre kontinuálne testovanie.

Cypress.io Bootcamp

Cypress.io bootcamp je trojtýždňový večerný workshop. Naučíš sa všetko čo budeš potrebovať pre svoj najbližší projekt, alebo Tvoj nový job (napr. v Slido,  Kiwi, alebo aj v Tesena).

Test Analysis

Improve your test analysis and test design skills.

Test Analysis in Practice - formerly Practical Test Analysis I.

Enough theory! Learn how to deal with test analysis and try everything in practice in a single day.

Basic Test Analysis

Deepen your basic knowledge with a one-day Basic Test Analysis course.

Test Design Techniques - formerly Practical Test Analysis II.

A course focused on advanced test design techniques and their use in practice.

Agile / DevOps

Understand concepts of Agile / DevOps practices and help your team deliver better quality products.

Practical Agile

A course that focuses on hands-on experience with agile development, using Scrum during simulations.

Agile Testing

A truly agile course that can be tailored to your priorities.

System Integration Testing

Training courses focused primarily on system integration.

Reálný projekt v Postmanu – krok za krokem

On this half-day workshop, participants will try to simulate a real integration testing project.

Basic Course using GIT and Jenkins

A course focusing on the theoretical and practical basics that relate to source code editing and continuous integration - development.

System Integration Testing using SoapUI

Learn how to utilize the power of the open source tool SoapUI within System Integration Testing.


Training courses focused primarily on working with databses.

PL/SQL for Test Automation

Learn the basics of PL/SQL. Run tests in a loop, verify the query results against expected outcomes and log the test runs.

SQL for Testers

Deepen your basic knowledge with a one-day SQL course.

Performance Testing

Training courses focused primarily on performance testing.

Performance Testing workshop

The course will introduce participants to the theory in this area, we will go through typical examples of use and their results, and in the second part of the course we will try everything on practical examples in the form of a workshop.

Performance Testing using JMeter

Training is an entry point into performance testing which is increasingly becoming part of common testing activities, identifying errors types that wouldn't be detected by manual tests.

Self-Study Courses

Upcoming Specialised Courses

*All Prices are excluding VAT. Unless agreed otherwise invoices will be in CZK, for an agreement on the currency contact us at events@tesena.com. Prices in EUR are indicative and can vary based on the exchange rate.

If any of the dates provided is not ideal for you, we can provide a tailor-made training course delivered to your team. All you need to do is fill out this form.