A testing competition to find and report as many errors as possible for a selected product.

Why should you attend?

As a tester

Thank to the Klikaton, you can move forward in testing and reporting. In addition, refreshments (on-site) and interesting prizes will be waiting for you.

Gain new experiences

Motivation in the form of prizes

Free entry

As a company

Collected reports help participating companies improve software quality, user satisfaction, and overall product success.                                    

Possibility to increase the success of a product

Get a new perspective

Free entry

Upcoming events

  • We are not currently planning on organizing any in-person events. However we still meet-up online during our webinars or at this year's Tesena Fest Online.

Past events

Date Event
17. 06. 2021 Klikaton with LEEAF
01. 12. 2020 Klikaton with Patron
16. 4. 2020 Klikaton with ČVUT (FreMen contra COVID) 2.
9. 4. 2020 Klikaton with ČVUT (FreMen contra COVID) 1.
27. 2. 2020 Klikaton with PSN
12. 12. 2019 Klikaton with Liftago
17. 9. 2019 Klikaton with Showmax