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We focus all our activities on testing.

Testing is not just something we do.

It is everything we do.

We help companies reveal bugs in their software and save costs thanks to our know-how. We are leaders in the testing community, providing training courses, events and inspiration in the field of software testing.


Thanks to our sole focus on testing we offer solutions recommended by the most experienced individuals in the field. We remain independent of software development and of specific tools. We understand testing from A to Z, strive for quality and don’t have a reason to overlook bugs. Partnerships fulfilled by long-term project success mean more to us than quick wins.


We offer a wide assortment of courses designed to effectively deepen testing knowledge and ease professional growth. We’re the only company in the region that provides accredited ISTQB training for all of its most popular qualifications, as well as tailored training.

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Changing the world of testing

What sets us apart

Highly skilled testing resources and the most appropriate knowledge.

Specialising in testing

Platform agnostic

A–Z testing

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Defect Managers – Accelators or Inhibitors of progress?

Defect Managers – Accelators or Inhibitors of progress?

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Tesena Labs

Tesena Labs

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KPIs and Metrics – is there a difference?

KPIs and Metrics – is there a difference?

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