Self-Study courses

Self-study at a time that suits you and from a place that you determine

(SK) Magical Postman

Online, self study course. Learn how to work with Postman and how to test API. Ideal start to the world of integration testing for testers and developers.

What will you learn?

Test the backend

What is REST API

Understand API documentation

Write automated tests in Postman

Prepare data for frontend testing

Verify requests


Online, self-study course. Learn how to test with the intuitive tool.

(CZ) SQL for testers

On-line, self-study course. Learn SQL basics and gain practical knowledge of the SQL language and Oracle Database. Can be finished within 1 - 2 days

What will you learn?

How the internal logic of Cypress works and concepts such as chaining and automatic waiting

What is part of each project and how to navigate in it

How to mark elements on a page and interact with them

How to write simple and complex verifications

How to write stable tests if the application is unstable

How to test API

How to create your own commands and page objects

How to expand functionality with plugins

How the headless mode works

What will you learn?

Principle of operation of relational databases, termin primary and foreign key

Inserting, editing and deleting data - INSERT INTO, UPDATE, DELETE

Operators - arithmetic and comperative - AND, OR, NOT, IS NULL, IS NOT NULL, LIKE, IN, BETWEEN


Aggregational and other functions and data grouping - MIN, MAX, COUNT, AVG, SUM, SYSDATE, GROUP BY

Data selection and filtering - SELECT, SELECT DISTINCT, WHERE

Data sorting – ORDER BY, DESC, ASC

Links between tables

Embedded queries

Database browsing and data manipulation using SQL Develope

Working with Oracle Live SQL - a cloud service accessible through a browser that provides access to an instance of an Oracle 19c database

(CZ) Introduction to Playwright

Discover the modern Playwright browser automation library and its native Playwright Test runner

What will you learn?

Basic principles:

Write automation scripts in JavaScript

How to visit a website

How to integrate with different types of elements

What are so-called locators

How to work with events

How to debug in Playwright

Advanced methods:

Set up Playwright Test runner

How to write basic tests

How to use so-called fixtures

How to work with test artifacts

How to perform visual comparison / testing

(EN) Test Automation Using Robot Framework

Online, self-study course. Learn about test automation in this detailed course with the option of a consultation with the trainer.

What will you learn?

Gain the ability to create, run, and debug tests individually

Basics of test automation

How to automate web app, API, and DB

Gain the ability to analyze logs and crash tests

(CZ) Introduction to Git and GitLab

Do you want to know more about Git and GitLab? In this free course, you will learn what they are and how to use them.

(EN) DevOps

Online, self-study course DevOps: learn key steps for versioning code in GIT, creating a pull request, branch, commit, and other things used in most teams. We will also see how to prepare a Job in CI/CD system.

What will you learn?

What is Git

What is GitLab

And how to use them

What will you learn?

Actively use code versioning

Run tests in CI/CD with a presentation of the results

Groundwork with Linux OS and Docker

(EN) Integration Testing

Get an introduction to the world of integration testing. Learn about RestAPI, Webservices, Soap API, JSON,Xpath, and WSDL.

What will you learn?

Integration principles

Information about XML, JSON, and use of XPath and jsonpath

Basics of RestAPI and SoapUI

Practical tasks in Postman or SoapUI