We’re joined by a passion

for making things better.

Join us in advancing Tesena and the whole world of testing.


We offer complex services, training, events and inspiration purely in the field of software testing. We reveal issues, use best practices and lower the likeliness of major problems occurring in live operation, and the consequent loss of business.

We know that testing is about people

Our team consists of a group of enthusiasts who share their values and know-how not only within Tesena but with the whole community using our training or events. Together we create quality and advance the testing world.

The thing that Teseners value the most is a personal approach. Their tailor-made educational and career plan gives them new opportunities to grow professionally and be a part of interesting projects that they wouldn’t get elsewhere. They simply have the space to make things better.

We’re looking for people who are interested in actively participating in the development of Tesena and the entire testing community. Is that you?

Whom do we help?

Tomáš Hák | Sr. Test Automation Engineer

"Work in Tesena gave me new options where to advance to. Elsewhere that could take entire years. In Tesena I have the opportunity to work on interesting projects and speak at internal events and even public conferences."

Test Integration Analyst

Test Engineer

Test Manager

Senior Test Engineer

Test Automation Engineer

Senior Test Automation Engineer

Are you an contractor and currently looking for new project?

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What could interest you

How does the recruitment process work?

Usually there are two rounds. In the first we will discuss the options for our cooperation over the phone. We will clarify our mutual expectations and invite you for an in-person meeting. During the meeting you will meet a representative of our team of testers. We will explore your analytical and logical thinking and we will verify your pre-requisites for the position.

Where are our clients located?

Most clients are in Prague. We also have clients outside of Prague and abroad. In those cases, we test remotely, or we send out parts of the team there for a day or two in a week.

How long does the project take?

We have project that take months, others go on for years. You do not have to be a part of the project from the start or to the end. It will always depend on the development plan and the needs of the client. The more you try out the more you will learn and grow.

Can I work from home?

At some of our clients it is possible to work from home but sometimes this is not possible due to security reasons. You will always get the necessary information from your team leader or the project manager. They will then also approve your home-office work.

How long does the recruitment process take?

We will get in touch with you within a week of when you first contact us. We try to complete the recruitment process in 14 days.

When will I start projects?

Senior testers will start a project within a week or two from joining the company, but this always depends on the current situation. Junior employees usually start 2 weeks at the soonest after going through all necessary training courses.

Will I be on a project alone or will I be a part of a team?

At some clients there are up to twenty of us, other teams are smaller usually around three people.

When will I have the ISTQB certification and how shall I prepare for it?

Usually it is not a problem to complete your certification during the first three months from joining the company. We think that educating our testers is very important which is why we pay for all your training and certification. We well prepare you for the certification and will give you all the necessary materials.

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