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We are professionals who deliver software testing services. We can boost your software testing, increase product quality and reduce costs.


We focus only on testing, so we can pay full attention to improving your software. With independence from development and specific tools, we have no reason to overlook errors. We understand testing from A to Z and fight for quality.


Thanks to our narrow focus we offer solutions designed by the best testers in the field. Our experts have worked with many diverse tools and technologies and will design customized solutions to enhance the success of your product.


Cooperation fulfilled by the long-term success of the project means more than quick wins for us. Tell us what your business goals are and leave the testing to us.

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Customer experience

As an industry leader in the legal software field we needed a specialized testing partner to design and write a suite of automated tests for our web application. In all stages, from concept to final delivery, Tesena delivered on all fronts. We now have successfully implemented the automation into our development and delivery cycle. Our mission of increasing quality for users, and confidence for our development team, has been achieved.

Fridbjorn Orri Ketilsson
CEO Manor

We have been working with Tesena on several customer projects since 2020 and during all the time they proved to be a trustful partner. The cooperation has been nearly flawless, interaction on both management and technical teams' level has been efficient/productive, keeping deadlines, SLAs as well as i.e. gentleman agreements seem to be absolutely axiomatic. And with regards to quality performance – the results of Tesena’s QA efforts enabled significant cost savings on further development of realized projects.

Business Partner

Tesena has been a partner for Komerční banka since 2014. What we appreciate about the cooperation with Tesena is the helpfulness and open negotiations. We also appreciate that they are not just a "supplier of testers", they do not hesitate to help us with consultations and advice on various topics. They have a lot of experience in the field of testing, they follow trends and they know what complications can appear and how to solve them.

Ing. Radek Langmaier
Komerční banka