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We are professionals who deliver software testing services. We are able to boost your software testing, increase product quality and reduce costs.


We focus only on testing, so we can pay full attention to improving your software. With independence from development and specific tools, we have no reason to overlook errors. We understand testing from A to Z and fight for quality.


Thanks to our narrow focus we offer solutions designed by the best testers in the field. Our experts have worked on many diverse projects and will design customized solutions to enhance success of your product.


Cooperation fulfilled by long-term success of the project means more than quick wins for us. Tell us what your business goals are and leave the testing to us.

Correct data,
correct decisions

With the acceptance of digital technologies, we see more and more organizations implementing Agile, DevOps, Big Data, etc. What this can mean for your project?

More and more data are available and it would be a pity not to use it for your benefit. We can help you with getting the correct data and making your product better.

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The world's most successful scheme for certifying software testers. As a partner of CaSTB we regularly organize exams at our premises.

Alliance 4 Qualification

A4Q brings together subject matter experts from around the world to create content including syllabuses and materials that support the education of IT and digital professionals.