Strategic Test Automation

We help our partners to differentiate themselves from the competition and succeed in business by taking the quality of their products to the next level. Our success comes from that of our clients and right now, we believe that strategic test automation is a prerequisite for it. 

Why should you care? 

Speed of delivery is crucial to a business's success. The demand for speed is currently enormous due to the increasingly frequent transition of teams to Agile and DevOps methodology.  

Elite DevOps teams currently devote only 10% of their capacity on manual testing .
Accelerate: State of DevOps 2018

How can we help? 


We will share our experience and best practices with you during a 60-minute consultation. Our recommendations will help you implement or improve your team's automation approach.  


We help you to implement proper tooling and team’s skills and rituals. Our prebuilt framework for quick start (with no or very minimal adjustments) will provide initial sample automated tests, templates, CI/CD set-up, multi-platform simulations, data generators and reporting.

Who will you talk to? 

Tomáš Hák

Senior Test Automation Engineer

Our success stories

Case study #1: 
Flexible Test Automation


250 TCs executed manually, overall execution time 21 hours  


200 TCs automated, overall execution time 2 hours, coverage improved by introducing multi-platform testing 


Feedback in 2 hours instead of 3 days  

Effort saved on manual execution  

Team moral and motivation improved  

Risk mitigation by extending coverage  

"As an industry leader in the legal software field we needed a specialized testing partner to design and write a suite of automated tests for our web application. In all stages, from concept to final delivery, Tesena delivered on all fronts. We now have successfully implemented the automation into our development and delivery cycle. Our mission of increasing quality for users, and confidence for our development team, has been achieved."
Fridbjorn Orri Ketilsson, CEO, Manor.

Case study #2: 
Continuous Test Automation Framework


Introduction of Test Automation  

One of the biggest bank on the market  

IT team: 1000+ people  

Testing team 140+ people  


Unified Test Automation Tools Stack  

Smooth onboarding and ready to scale framework  

Centralized ready to scale approach (incl. training) provided to independent teams  

Case study #3: 
Test Automation as a Service


Test Automation as a Service  

Regression Test Automation  

3 to 5 FTE team managed by us  

Providing automation services for 2 years  


Efficient test automation using our own framework  

No need of technical knowledge on customer side  

Manual Regression testing efforts eliminated