Test Coaching

Welcome Expertise and Innovation to Your Team

Envision having more than just a guide; a mentor and change catalyst by your side, navigating every stage of your testing processes. Our Test Coach embodies this role – an expert equipped with specialized knowledge and experience, dedicated to enhancing your testing efficiency and fostering a culture of quality within your development journey.

What will you gain with a Test Coach?

  • Expert Mentorship and Guidance
    Your Test Coach will provide tailored mentoring, support, and guidance for your teams and projects. They'll help develop your testing skills and implement best practices to ensure the success of your projects.
  • Custom Training and Workshops
    We'll organize customized training sessions and workshops precisely tailored to the specifics of your projects and challenges. Your team will learn everything from software testing fundamentals to advanced techniques and automation.
  • Process Improvement
    Our experts will assess your current testing processes and methodologies, identifying areas for improvement. You'll receive concrete recommendations to streamline your processes, increase productivity, and enhance output quality.
  • Quality Support and Agile Practices
    We'll instill a culture of quality into your projects and help your teams implement agile testing practices into their development processes. We'll support the integration of testing activities into agile ceremonies and introduce iterative testing and feedback.
  • Assistance in Implementing and Adapting Tools
    We'll assist you in selecting and implementing the best testing tools for your projects. Your Test Coach will provide the necessary support for quick adaptation and maximum efficiency.

Why choose our Test Coach?

Our Test Coaches are vetted experts with extensive experience and specialized knowledge in testing, test analysis, automation, and consultancy. They offer fresh insights into your current processes and practices, alongside a supportive resource available to team members at any time.

Our flexible collaboration model, whether through body shopping or consultancy, enables rapid adaptation to changing project requirements and challenges. Meanwhile, the Test Coach ensures ongoing improvements in quality and performance, fostering not just short-term gains but long-term sustainability and competitive advantage.

Who will be ready to help you

Radek Šikola

Radek has been involved in software testing for over 15 years. Currently, he serves as a Test Manager, Delivery Manager, and trainer for both IT and business sectors. His main domains include telecommunications, banking, and the public sector.

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