Practical Agile

A course that focuses on hands-on experience with agile development, using Scrum during simulations.

About the course

We examine the concepts of Agile development, especially in software delivery, and explain frequently used terms and their proper meanings. We discuss ways in which to implement Agile in teams, in companies and in deliveries for clients. Then we explore how to scale Agile for large companies and projects.

The training includes a workshop where we try Agile (Scrum) at first hand and better learn the principles of Agile development.

Although we talk mostly about software development, this training doesn’t require any technical knowledge, and so is also suitable for business people who will be involved in Agile projects.

Course duration: 1 day

Key takeaways

Agile basics and it's use

Agile software development lifecycle

Roles, artifacts, ceremonies

Key topics

  • Scrum model in detail
  • Workshop Lego@scrum
  • Agile basics and it's usage