SQL for Testers

Learn manual testing and deepen your basic knowledge with this one-day SQL course

About the Course

This course will provide you with essential skills in SQL queries (including the dreaded join). You will gain the knowledge you need to successfully establish your career in software testing.

This course builds on the knowledge that you gained from the Introduction to SW Testing course. We will expect that you have that basic knowledge before starting the SQL for Testers or Basic Test Analysis course.

Key Takeaways


Essential SQL query skills

Manual testing theory and practice


Windows laptop

This course builds on knowledge that you learn in our Introduction to Software Testing course. We will expect that you have this knowledge before starting the course.

Course details

Course price: 7.500 CZK / 309 EUR

Course duration: 1 day (from 09:00 to 17:00)

*All Prices are excluding VAT. Unless agreed otherwise invoices will be in CZK, for an agreement on the currency contact us at events@tesena.com. Prices in EUR are indicative and can vary based on the exchange rate.

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