Performance Testing

using JMeter

Training is an entry point into performance testing which is increasingly becoming part of common testing activities, identifying errors types that wouldn't be detected by manual tests.

About the course

Firstly participants will briefly learn the necessary theory. But most importantly you will participate in practical exercises.

Those will focus on: creating your own project; working with variables, RESTAPI and databases; distributed tests or working with Grafana.

This course will teach you how to save the results of performance tests in a special database and then present the data in the form of well-arranged graphs.

Course duration: 1 day


  • Participant should have knowledge of:
  • HTML, Basics of JMeter, HTTP, REST API, Technical knowledge, Automation
  • A Windows-based laptop with admin rights and installed:
  • JMeter (Binaries, not Source), Influx DB, Grafana

Key takeaways

Theory and practical examples

Working with variables, databases

Save and then draw the data as graphs

Key topics

  • Working with REST API, databases
  • Theory and practical examples
  • Working with variables, Grafana