Agile Testing

A truly agile course that can be tailored to your priorities.

About the course

Usually when we refer to “Agile” we are talking Scrum or some of the methods used for scaling agile in big companies (SAFe, LeSS or methods inspired by the Spotify model). During the course we will look at the testing and the role of the tester on a Scrum team as well as in the big organizations.

To be more agile, you can build your own course based on your priorities. Choose from the topics you are interested in below and we will prepare the custom made course for you.

  • Tester’s role in an Agile team
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • Testing quadrants
  • Automated tests in Scrum
  • Scaled development and testing
  • TDD – test-driven development
  • BDD – behavior-driven development
  • ATDD – acceptance test-driven development
  • Dealing with bugs
  • Test planning
  • Testing in DevOps
  • Impact mapping a testing

Key takeaways

Testing on a Scrum team

Roles of testers in big organizations

Customizable topics based on priorities

Key topics

  • Testing on a Scrum team
  • Tester roles in big organizations
  • Customizable based on priorities

Course duration: 1 day