Tesena Fest Online 2021

A free virtual international conference bringing up-to-date test trends, inspiration, and interesting discussions.

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A month of testing

During the 4 weeks of September 2021, we will share stories, experiences, and practical tips with you using free webinars and workshops from 4 fields of testing. Each week will be dedicated to one of the main topics.

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Main topics

Real life stories

Good practices

Deep dive

Future testing


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Main stage

Track: Real life stories

Talks about experience from product and organization testing

16. 09. 2021

Martin Škarbala: QA reformation in Kiwi.com from 15:00 CET

Blerina Nasto: Software Developers in Test Automation from 15:45 CET

Jan Eumann, Rohit Singhal: How We Develop & Test Software at eBay DE from 16:35 CET

Track: Good practices

Inspirational talks about concepts, approaches, and strategy to deliver better quality

23. 09. 2021

Christina Thalayasingam: Full-stack Testing in /is the New Normal from 15:00 CET

Christian Baumann: Don’t Be a Fool With a Tool from 16:35 CET

Track: Deep dive

Practical talks with hands-on demos to present details of approaches (in most cases applying tools) to solve specific problems

30. 09. 2021

Varuna Srivastava: Automating Flutter Apps from 15:00 CET

Kevin Wittek: Integration Tests with Docker Testcontainers from 15:45 CET

Filip Hric: Why Wasn’t This Tested?! from 16:35 CET

Track: Future testing

Ideas with high potential to revolutionize testing and QA but often (still) with risks in implementation or adoption

07. 10. 2021

Mesut Durukal: Evolution & Future of Software Testing from 15:00 CET

Filip Šátek: Autonomous Testing! from 15:45 CET

Kohsuke Kawaguchi: Future of Testing from 16:35 CET


The capacity of the workshops is limited. Don't forget to sign up for yours by clicking on the "registration" button on the individual pages.

September 17

Ewa Wala, Michal Jirka: Real Project in Postman - Step by Step from 09:00 AM to 13:00 PM CET

September 20

Radek Bednařík: Quick Introduction to Playwright from 13:00 PM to 17:00 PM CET

September 27

Christopher Börner: From Manual to Automated Testing for Conversational AI from 13:00 to 17:00 CET

October 6

Tariq King: A Beginner's Guide to AI-Driven Testing from 13:00 PM to 17:00 PM CET

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