Full-stack Testing in /is the New Normal

By Christina Thalayasingam

23. 09. 2021 from 15:00 CET

About this presentation

Many teams aim only in having a bug-free system. How can you make your team believe in delivering the true quality of the end product? How can you drive your team to understand that skipping nonfunctional testing like performance and security testing could lead to the breach of your product quality? How can you make them understand the importance of CI/CD in the testing lifecycle? How can you pour the passion into them to move forward to make a change? Setting up a team that has these skills could make this possible, but do they believe in what they do? How can you make them feel the essence of quality being a culture that does not focus alone on reporting bugs? Let us discuss ways on making your team walk in the path of Full Stack Testing so that the team knows their vision and the mission. Quality is key and the world is evolving into Full-stack testing as the new normal.

Full-stack test engineers are individuals capable of working on all aspects of quality across all the application’s layers, using different testing methods. They will think about the many different aspects of product quality, such as functionality, usability, performance, security, etc, and will also be familiar with test automation strategies and technologies. The full-stack test engineer will have a rich mix of domain knowledge, technical skills, and testing expertise. This is the trend that test engineering is flowing into today.

Key takeaways

  • The testing team can avoid communication gaps.
  • Deliver high quality products.
  • Help to enhance the quality practices followed.
  • Avoid major risks like resource constraints as all members will be jacks of all trades in testing aspects.

Who will benefit?

  • Test managers
  • Test Lead
  • Team Teads
  • Test Engineers

About Christina Thalayasingam

Christina Thalayasingam has more than 7 years of experience in both functional and non-functional testing. She possesses a development background. She has worked on PHP Web Development and Android Mobile Development before taking up Quality Engineering. She has worked in automate testing content management systems for the UK government, point of sales applications, eCommerce applications, and clinical trial applications. She has worked on-site in the UK on projects with the UK government sector and major food supply chain management companies. Christina is currently working as a Test Engineering Manager at NorthWestern Mutual a Fortune100 Financial services company, where she is managing the testing effort for their Customer Experience Web Applications, which comprises micro services and micro applications.  Also, she has been part of various prestigious conferences, technical meetups, and webinars. She is a software testing evangelist.