Don’t Be a Fool With a Tool

fundamental knowledge for proper test automation

By Christian Baumann

23. 09. 2021 from 16:35 CET

About the presentation

How is your automation journey going? Are you a beginner or have you already started your journey, but are still struggling? In both cases, this talk is for you! I will share my experiences and my struggles, and you will learn how to bring your test automation to the next level. Many people get into test automation without having a profound background in programming or without receiving any proper training. They have some idea about what tool to use, gathered some basic knowledge, and managed to create some automated tests with it. At a certain point, you suspect that something is not quite right with your automation. Your code feels messy and maintaining it is hell, costs a lot of time, and frustrates you. This talk has you covered.

I will present practical solutions to problems that I have encountered and see a lot of people facing them as well. You will walk away with practical advice you can use in your daily work. This will reduce the stress and pain working, by significantly improving the quality of your automated tests and reduce maintenance efforts.

Disclaimer: This talk is not about any specific tool or framework. The principles described are generic and I have seen them work in different contexts.

Key takeaways

  • Learn fundamental principles and strategies that can improve your test automation projects

  • Get guidance on where to start improving your test automation code and receive pointers to further continue your test automation journey

  • Learn about ways to make test automation code less messy and easier to maintain

  • Understand why test data management and generation is important and learn approaches to keep it in control

Who will benefit?

  • Test automation engineers

Expected knowledge

  • Beginner - intermediate

About Christian Baumann

Christian is a software tester with 15+ years of experience in the field. He has successfully held different roles in the context of testing: from Test Automation Engineer to Test Team Lead. During his career, he worked with various test (automation) tools using programming languages, but also applied certain development/ testing methodologies. Christian is strongly driven by his context, always searching for the best fitting solution for a given situation. He understands businesses’ and people’s problems and is always eager to learn and improve himself while staying curious, open-minded, and willing to share his knowledge.