Software Developers in Test Automation

A Dream or Reality in Agile Software Development?

By Blerina Nasto

16. 09. 2021 from 15:45 CET

About this presentation

Gone are the days of throwing software builds over the proverbial wall to a team of testers that sit and click pages all day. The agile way of working has shown that maybe a small revolution has started to happen in the world of software developers. The rising of software developers writing e2e functional tests that check their front-end using real browsers. Challenges of having success in this way of doing test automation are real. Let’s be sincere! Software Developers don’t like to write tests much, but the right TA framework can help. In this talk I will describe what we did to make this dream come true.

Key takeaways

  • Build a culture where developers are quality advocates

  • Support developers to work more on testing

  • Upskill developers on testing skills

  • Get everyone involved - make testing a team matter

Who will benefit?

  • Agile Teams

  • Developers

  • Testers

About Blerina Nasto

Blerina Nasto has been working in IT for 15 years and is a passionate software developer and solution architect. She works as a Web Technology Solutions Lead in the IT department at Raiffeisen Bank Albania in Tirana, and for the last 2 years, she is also in the role of IT Delivery Lead for retail lending products. She is promoting continuous testing philosophy inside product value teams as the most critical part to achieve speed and quality for the deliverables and focused more and more to create a good developer experience in test automation and putting the word fun into doing it. In addition, she is an associate professor, who enjoys a lot learning to students the magic of web software development.