Autonomous Testing!

Vision of the future, or todays reality?

By Filip Šátek

07. 10. 2021 from 15:45 CET

About this presentation

Test automation has been with us for quite some time now. It's hard to imagine delivering software with confidence, especially within an Agile environment, without having some set of automated tests to provide developers with quick feedback about their changes. But automated tests are actually another software, that has to be written. Someone has to think of all the relevant test scenarios and implement them. But in the end, the software can still crash within 2 clicks, because it's very unlikely, that we will catch all the scenarios a user can make. What if there was a tool, which generates its own test scenarios? What if the test coverage was just a question of machining time? What if it's time to switch from Test Automation to Autonomous Testing? You will be introduced to QApe, an autonomous testing tool for any website.

Key takeaways

  • Moving from test automation to autonomous testing

  • What is QApe and how to use it for your website

  • Future of autonomous testing with QApe

Who will benefit?

  • Testers and developers

About Filip Šátek

Filip works at for almost 5 years, currently as Lead QA Engineer. He and his team are responsible for test automation, process tooling, service monitoring, and CI/CD of websites with millions of daily users. His goal is to make development quick and easy from the first written line of code to its safe delivery to the production environment.