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Do you want to lower the costs that come with poorly organized testing but don't know what your investment would be? Use our calculator and give yourself an idea about the price of quality testing of a product, saving the teams nerves and an overall saving during a project.

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Project complexity

Reffers to complexity from testing point of view, whether it can be or is expected to be covered with simple or complex test cases. Simple = tests of 5 or less steps on average, Medium = tests of 10 or less steps on average, High = test with more than 10 steps on average. If individual tests are expected to run for longer periods of time as testers are waiting for system output or need longer interactions, than the project complexity rises regardless of number of steps.

Documentation volume

Expected number of standard pages required by the testing team to be read in order to understand the solution in sufficient detail.

Ideal automation rate

Percentage of tests that can be automated and should be automated (assumes the tests will not need reworks and updates in between cycles other than standard maintenance).

Estimated number of tests

Estimated number of use cases, functions or situations that need to be covered by individual tests. This number does not include requirements for crossplatform or crossbrowser testing.

Number of test rounds 

Determine in how many test cycles the system will be tested (during 1 test round all test scenarios will be executed once).

Number of combinations / configurations

On average, how many configurations are going to be assigned to a single test case? Includes hardware configurations, runs with different OS/browser and test parameters.