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We would like to introduce you to our morning meetups with special guest talks dedicated to various trendy topics in software testing, packed with insights and innovative ideas. We collaborate with professionals who are keen to share their project experience in various domains and levels.

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12 February 2020Martin KochloeflWhy Cloud Testing Matters
15 January 2020Phil RoystonFinding and Developing Good Software Testers
20 November 2019Jan Jaap CannegieterThe different levels of mobile testing
10 September 2019Radim Daniel PánekWeb Performance Testing
18 June 2019Jan HornychAutomation of mobile devices in Selenium and Appium
25 April 2019Lucie TřískováApplying Test Automation Best Practices in Agile?
21 November 2018Rik MarselisTesting in the digital age; AI makes the difference
13 September 2018Phil RoystonTesting as a Service
13 June 2018Seretta Gamba and Dorothy GrahamTest Automation Patterns
22 May 2018Petr NeugebauerNews in ISTQB modules & exams
16 May 2018Team leaders in bankingTesting environment, E2E processes testing, nearshoring,...

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