Tesena Fest On-line

A conference bringing you current testing trends, inspiration, interesting discussions and the oportunity to share experiences.

Call for papers is open now

Our Tesena Fest conference invites high-quality papers to be present at this international online event in November. We prefer submissions of substantial, original and previously unpublished case studies, new concepts, personal experience or research related to the topics of the conference in English.

We are seeking speakers or workshop leaders to share stories, skills, knowledge and ideas across the following 4 core themes split into 4 weeks:

Each week we will have several presentations and workshops.


Agile and DevOps

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)

Automotive and IoT

Presentation forms:

Speaker (25 min. presentation, 5 min. discussion):

Practical lectures are application-oriented contributions and experience reports – from users for users. Presentations with co-lecturers of customers or users are preferred. Lectures from tool-producers are accepted only when they are being presented tool-independently.

Speaker + Workshop Leader: 

There is a possibility to sign up for both forms for one applicant.By submitting you consent to tesena Fest collecting your personal data for the purposes of processing your submission and promoting the conference.

Workshop Leader (the length is up to you): 

Workshops are planned in both half day (4h) and full day (8h) formats. We expect at least half of the workshop time to be taken up by practical exercises. The rest to be spent on explaining, discussing and expanding on the practical stuff. Workshops are more detailed application-oriented contributions and field reports with up to 30 participants. Presentations of tool applications are possible. They must be neutral without sales character and not made by the tool distributor.

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