Tesena Fest 2023

12. 10. 2023, Prague

A dynamic testing conference bringing up-to-date test trends, inspiration, presentations led by experts in their respective fields and networking opportunities.

What was it about?

  • Inspirational presentations and workshops
  • Local and international experts in the field
  • Roundtables
  • Klikaton
  • Fun accompanying program

Main topics

Real life stories

Good practices

Deep dive

Future testing


Delete that Test Column 

by Katja Obring

Katja's presentation delved into the transformative impact of removing the "In Test" column from Agile team boards, a strategy aimed at enhancing team collaboration and efficiency. The speaker highlighted how traditional "In Test" columns often create unnecessary barriers between developers and testers, leading to delays in the Agile process. By discarding this column, teams were shown to develop a unified responsibility for quality, fostering greater transparency and a mindset geared towards continuous testing. The presentation offered innovative visualization alternatives, such as swimlanes and color-coded cards, to effectively manage testing activities. Furthermore, practical advice was provided on transitioning to this streamlined workflow, emphasizing the importance of team engagement and continuous progress monitoring. This session stood out as a guidepost for Agile teams looking to elevate their performance and productivity.

Shift Left? What does that even mean?

by Maciej Wyrodek

In this presentation, Maciej delved into the diverse interpretations of the term "Shift-left" in testing, tracing its origins and evolution. Addressing the varied and often contradictory definitions within teams, the presentation highlighted the term's original intent and examined the misconceptions and criticisms it has garnered over the years. The session culminated with an attempt to reconcile these differences, exploring the possibility of establishing a common, unified definition of "Shift-left" in the contemporary testing landscape.

Empowering Efficiency: Accelerating Test Automation with Low-Code Platforms

by Jaromír Šánek

Jaromír has been working in QA for more than ten years, and he still has a passion for playing with software, developing automated tests, and integrating new stages into the CI process. Throughout his career, Jaromír has primarily focused on manufacturing systems, working as a QA Manager. During his time as a QA Manager, he helped build QA organizations and implement processes, tools, and tests in multiple companies. Currently, he is transitioning to a new position that revolves around application security. In his presentation, Jaromír, delved into how leveraging low-code platforms can significantly empower efficiency and accelerate test automation processes in software development.

Quality Assurance Practices in a SAFe transformation program

by Szilard Szell

In this presentation, Szilard Szell delved into the nuances of implementing Quality Assurance practices within a SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) transformation program. Drawing from his extensive experience with a large telecom operator engaging multiple suppliers and technology vendors, Szell provided a comprehensive overview of the challenges and changes large organizations face when adopting SAFe for digital transformation. He addressed critical questions relevant to Test Managers, such as adapting to new frameworks, selecting Quality Assurance processes and practices, deciding which practices to retain or alter, and delineating responsibilities in testing. The presentation highlighted the vision of a Continuous Quality Assurance Strategy and the steps taken to reach the desired state of efficiency and effectiveness. Continuously updated with new learnings and experiences, Szell's talk, originally presented at HUSTEF 2022, offers valuable insights into the dynamic world of Quality Assurance in the context of SAFe transformations.

Pragmatic Test Process Improvement: Looking for opportunities that bring real value and are within your organization's reach

by Phil Royston & Martin Kudrnáč

In their presentation, "Pragmatic Test Process Improvement: Looking for opportunities that bring real value and are within your organization's reach," Phil Royston and Martin Kudrnáč addressed the critical challenges faced by IT teams in delivering business innovation with quality and speed in a rapidly changing digital landscape. They explored how businesses can assess whether their test processes and teams are equipped to handle these evolving demands. Highlighting common indicators of problems in quality, costs, and time, they provided insights into identifying and addressing these issues. Drawing from their experience with VWFS (Volkswagen Financial Services), they shared valuable lessons, results, and benefits from the company's journey in enhancing their test processes. Their talk focused on finding pragmatic and valuable opportunities for test process improvements that are attainable within an organization's existing framework, offering actionable insights for stakeholders looking to navigate similar challenges.

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