Delete that Test Column

Tesena Fest 2023 presentation led by Katja Obring

12. 10. 2023

Palác ARA, Prague

About the Presentation

In this presentation, I will explore how removing the "In Test" column from Agile team boards can enhance collaboration, streamline processes, and improve overall efficiency.

Traditional "In Test" columns can often create silos between developers and testers, leading to handoffs and delays that hinder the Agile workflow. By eliminating this column, teams can foster a shared responsibility for quality, increase transparency, and embrace a continuous testing mindset. I will discuss the various challenges and drawbacks associated with the "In Test" column and present alternative approaches to effectively visualize testing activities, such as using swimlanes, color-coded cards, tags, labels, checklists, custom fields, and progress indicators.

These techniques promote a more collaborative and efficient environment, ensuring all team members are actively engaged in the testing process. Additionally, I will provide tips on transitioning to a new workflow, emphasizing the importance of team engagement, training, and monitoring progress. Join us to discover how rethinking the "In Test" column can elevate your Agile team's performance and productivity.

Katja Obring

Kat Obring has over 15 years of experience, focusing on helping scaling startups enhance their test strategy to expedite software delivery without compromising quality. As the founder of Kato Coaching, she provides coaching and mentoring that emphasises efficient code delivery and seamless integration of testing capabilities.
Her previous roles, including Head of Delivery at Fictioneers and Senior Consultant at Infinity Works, saw her championing agile and lean methodologies, notably shortening delivery cycles. Her technical know-how shines in creating frameworks for mobile banking applications using tools like Pytest and Locust.
With a background in holding test and quality coach positions at various companies, Kat's approach extends beyond code. She transforms teams and organisations, ensuring well-being, and actively engaging in coaching and workshops. Her unique blend of strategic vision and hands-on expertise makes her a sought-after voice in the industry, sharing insights at various conferences.