TMAP: Quality for cross-functional teams including exam

This training is based on the book “Quality for DevOps teams” and the TMAP body-of-knowledge on

What is TMAP?

In today's IT world, cross-functional teams are expected to quickly deliver business value with the right quality. TMAP® supports this new way of working on “built-in quality” that goes beyond testing only.

This training provides all people in a high-performance IT delivery team (such as DevOps or Scrum) with the required knowledge and skills that are important for building quality into their IT system and giving them confidence that the pursued business value can be delivered.

This training is based on the book “Quality for DevOps teams” and the TMAP® body-of-knowledge on

Key takeaways

During this training you (who usually fulfill one or more roles in a cross-functional team) will gain knowledge and practical experience with the following QA & test topics:

The VOICE model for realizing business value through IT delivery

IT delivery models, especially DevOps

Cross-functional teams and continuous quality engineering

The “whole-team” approach and relevance to Dev and Ops people

QA & test topics such as:

- Reviewing and pull requests
- Continuous improvement

Continuous everything, test automation and CI / CD pipeline

Total cost of quality

Indicators, reporting and “alerting”

Quality measures

Personal, interpersonal and team skills

Test varieties (performance, usability, security testing and more)

Experience-based testing: exploratory testing and mob testing

Test design: limit value analysis, path coverage, condition-based testing, code coverage and mutation testing

What are you going to do?

The training allows you to gain experience with the above topics through short introductions followed by relevant exercises and leaves plenty of room for sharing experiences between the participants. During the training you also practice exam questions.

Who is this training suitable for?

This training is suitable for all people who work in or with high-performance IT delivery teams (such as DevOps and Scrum). Relevant roles include business analysts, product owners, developers, administrators, quality engineers, testers, users, scrum masters, agile coaches, release train engineers, etc.

What prior knowledge do you need?

This training requires basic knowledge about information technology, working in teams and an Agile way of working. No specific certifications are required.

Can you take the exam?

The exam lasts 1 hour and consists of 30 questions. The exam of € 235.00 is part of the course price. Any discount does not apply to exam costs. If you want to order a re-exam, you can do so here.

Course details

Course duration: course is divided into 3 days (each day from 09:00 to 17:00 + 1h as a homework)  

  • Day one - TBA
  • Day two - TBA
  • Day three - TBA

Course price: 26.700 CZK / 1055 EUR*

Exam price (included in the course price): 5.700 CZK / 235 EUR*

All Prices are excluding VAT. Unless agreed otherwise invoices will be in CZK, for an agreement on the currency contact us at or let us know in the customer notes section in the order form.
*The exam is included in the training price.

Course led by Phil Royston - EN onsite

After a bit of a journeyman IT career starting in the late 1980s, he practically fell into the software testing world in 2002. He hasn't looked back since and still loves what he does. In 2013, he co-founded Tesena | Smart Testing with the slightly ambitious, but very seriously intended goal of changing the software testing world. He enjoys working with our clients to help solve their testing and software quality challenges at individual, team, group, and organizational levels. Beyond his commitment to advancing software quality, he is also dedicated to education and professional development. As a lecturer of courses, he shares his extensive knowledge and experience, shaping the next generation of IT professionals. Phil regularly shares what he learned as a speaker at conferences, further contributing to the industry's growth and evolution.

What did attendees say about the course?

"Absolvování kurzu TMAP®: Quality for Cross-Functional Teams pod vedením Phila Roystona z Teseny bylo skvělým zážitkem. Phil dokázal srozumitelně a efektivně předat klíčové koncepty a praktiky, které jsou zásadní pro zajištění kvality v multidisciplinárních týmech. Díky jeho odborným znalostem a angažovanosti jsem získal mnoho praktických dovedností, které mohu ihned aplikovat ve své práci. Interaktivní přístup a realistické příklady z praxe výrazně pomohly upevnit naučené koncepty. Tento kurz bych doporučil každému, kdo hledá zlepšení svých dovedností v oblasti testování a zajištění kvality."

Radek Šikola

"If you grow up in the world full of waterfalls, it might be tough to shift both your thinking and the concepts on which you are founding your work. This course is not only crucial to survive in this fast-paced and ever-changing world of IT, but also made me realize that certain small steps can be made on a much smaller scale, hopefully with positive impact. Thought-provoking and inspiration, with practical examples ready to be applied immediately. Could not recommend more."

Katarína Vavreková

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All Prices are excluding VAT. Unless agreed otherwise invoices will be in CZK, for an agreement on the currency contact us at

The exam is included in the training price.

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