The Compass for Creative Exploration

Discover the power of exploratory testing and learn how to use it to your advantage with Adam Matlacz.

22. 7. 2020, 18:00 - 20:00 CET (EN)

About the webinar

In many projects, exploratory testing comes to just random clicking in the application for some time. Poor tester developer ratio gives us an excuse and convinces us that there is no time nor need for real exploration. It's sad - because often it's true. But what if there's a better way...

We came to a long journey on finding the path through the jungle of different books, blog posts, workshops and presentations describing the exploratory Testing techniques. How to apply all of that to your project? Agile background gave me a straightforward answer... You don't! In the end, we triggered a long-lasting experiment to find our path and suit it to our needs. We organized a set of exploratory Testing Sessions. During each session, we have learned, used and debriefed different creative testing approaches.

I want to share with you a story about the experiment we triggered in our company, from the initial idea, through the preparation phase to the result - our way of performing exploratory Tests.

Key takeaways

Exploration is an essential part of every product quality process

Ready template for starting your exploratory Testing initiative in your company

Benefits of triggering exploratory Testing sessions go beyond the sessions themselves

About Adam Matlacz

Adam Matłacz has spent his whole professional life in the IT in different roles – tester, consultant, pre-sales engineer, business analyst, scrum master and Agile Coach – to finally end up again in Testing. Engineer, speaker, trainer of skills such as software testing, Agile and self-presentation. Full-time System Test Manager and Test Architect at DTC, Lecturer at Coders Lab and coach in the Sages.

Privately foodie, traveler and book lover.