Testing Your CI Pipeline

by Andrei Danilov

18. 11. 2020 from 14:45

About the presentation

This is a highly practical session. No theory. We'll: take a popular CI/CD cloud solution (eg: Github Actions); look at a simple predefined CI/CD workflow yml -> and design one Test Case for it. Execute it manually; Automate that test case using the same workflow (using the Github Action Test automation framework); tips & tricks for developing testable CI/CD Pipelines.

Who will benefit

QAs, QA Leads, QA Managers, Software Engineers.

Key takeaways

Comfort with Testing and Test Automation for CI/CD Pipelines.

Get familiar with Github Actions and Workflows.

Importance of Testing the CI/CD Pipelines.

About Andrei Danilov

Born and raised professionally in the Agile era, with a multi-industry experience: banking, real-estate, telecom, insurance, internet security, marketing throughout a handful of platforms: backend, frontend, mobile, desktop Andrei has always found himself challenging the state of the art of Software Development, classical QA and testing approaches, throughout the different activities he has engaged with: from manual to automation testing, handling product functional to non-functional requirements, executing to architect solutions implementations, and leading QA departments and activities.