RiskStorming Online Workshop

by Andrea Jensen

19. 11. 2020 from 14:00

About the workshop

Testing is a craft, but it is also and for many foremost a job. A job you do day in day out, evolving with all the rituals every employee develops over time. These rituals, together with all sorts of other external factors (deadlines, pressure, etc.) often means that we don’t have a test strategy or that we are no longer reconsidering the strategies we set out from the start. Having the right strategy in testing is important to stay as efficient and effective as you can be.

The RiskStorming session format is a wonderful way of generating a visible Test Strategy as a team that automatically focuses your plan to answer the important questions.

Key takeaways

A way of generating a visible Test Strategy

Benefits of generating a visible Test Strategy as a team

Condense answers into a one-page-test-strategy format that is readable and actionable

Who will benefit

Anyone and everyone in IT

About Andrea Jensen

Andrea's career as a tester started by coincidence which she continues now with passion. Currently, she is working in the maritime industry.
Interested in methods and tools which make the work in the team more joyful. Clearly attracted at the first sight when she came across the Riskstorming approach.
When she is not chasing bugs or developers she is enjoying life at the coastal sea. Always up for a good cup of tea, which she takes very seriously.