Introduction of AI Into Our Future of Work and the Shift in Skills Needed Now and Post Pandemic 

by Jennifer Bonine

25. 11. from 15:30

About the presentation

In the six decades since its first usage, the term Knowledge Worker has become synonymous with Software Engineers. With an almost singular emphasis on STEM skills, and an excused lack of people skills, the reputation of the successful software engineer evolved into that of the genius in a cubicle. Two factors have caused us to re-examine the relative importance of hard and soft skills in Software Engineering. First, the very nature of how we produce software changed dramatically with the advent of Agile practices compelling us to develop software…socially. Second, Automation and AI are reshaping the tasks which can be performed by machines putting even more emphasis on the need for human soft skills. This confluence doesn't diminish the demand for Engineers. According to Geoff Colvin, tomorrow’s most valuable engineers will not be geniuses in cubicles; rather, they’ll be those who can also build relationships and collaborate. Colvin calls these Relationship Workers. When you add in trust and storytelling, together, these become critical the differentiators between the Machines and Humans.

So how do we ensure mental resilience in teams, as engineers, thrive in an environment now and  post pandemic that depends on skills that we were never encouraged to develop? Join Jennifer as she takes us beyond the "why's" and explores the "how's" of relationship building. She will explain how establishing a "How can I help" mindset and trusting environment, telling a good story and other tips and tricks that she has gathered in her experience and in their research of contemporaries such as Simon Sinek, Tim Urban, Geoff Colvin and Rob Lambert.  Jennifer will also discuss the skills to be in demand now and post pandemic and do a Question & Answer segment that will add value to your organizations.

Key takeaways

The "how's" of relationship building

How establishing a "How can I help" mindset and trusting environment

Learn abou the skills to be in demand now and post pandemic

Target audience

Anyone interested in AI

About Jennifer Bonine

Jennifer Bonine is the CEO of AI Appstore, Inc., and was the first female Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) platform tech Founder and CEO.  AI Appstore specializes in custom subscription technology bundles, leveraging an intelligent platform to recommend actions and changes in your business.  They create “virtual research assistants”  in your company to be your AI platform for engagement with intelligent decision making capabilities for competitive advantage.  The company exceeds expectations of integration, testing, delivery, and management with a groundbreaking business model that is fully engaged in the sustainable development goals (“SDGs”) cultivated by the United Nations. 

Respected as a gifted speaker, entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, Jennifer Bonine addresses the AI industry nationally and internationally, most recently at the World Economic Forum in Davos and for CNNMoney Switzerland.