(EN) Complete Test Automation With Cypress and Harmony

Webinar led by István Forgács

13. 12. 2022 from 15:00 to 16:00 CET

Webinar Content

In this presentation, I will show how test execution automation (Cypress) and test design automation (Harmony) work together. Harmony uses double-phase modeling, where the high-level model is created, and the low-level model is generated from the high-level model. By applying Cypress and Harmony together, manual testers, and business analysts can do test automation very fast and efficiently. 

First, the high-level model is created that contains minimum information such as (1) change the password and then validate it, (2) login, (3) add items for less than EUR 50 to the cart, then check (4) go to pay and check it’s possible. The textual model may contain states by which tricky bugs can be detected. From the model, the abstract test cases are generated. These can be easily executed by humans but cannot be executed by tools. During the execution controlled by the Cypress runner, the test steps are automated. First, a low-level (Gherkin-like) model is generated, then the JavaScript code. During the test execution, validation is made by the selection of the output values or the states of the UI objects such as visible, non-visible, active, non-active, etc. 

Key Takeaways

how test design and test execution automation can complete each other

the knowledge of a new two-phase model-based testing method

how to do test automation in a very efficient way

Speaker Bio

István Forgács PhD is an entrepreneur, a test expert, and an author. He is the founder and CEO of 4TestDev. István is the lead author of the book Practical Test Design and Paradigm Shift in Software Testing and the co-author of the Agile Testing Foundations. He is the creator and key contributor of the test-first, codeless test design automation tool Harmony. With his co-author Prof. Attila Kovács, they created a website that is a unique place where testers can exercise test design by executing and improving their tests. With Attila Kovacs, they introduced three test design techniques: combinative testing, action-state testing, and general predicate testing.


13. 12. 2022 from 15:00 to 16:00 CET

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