Boosting Personal Productivity with AI

Tesena Fest 2024 workshop led by David Sedláček

25. 9. 2024


About the Workshop

This workshop aims to introduce participants to the practical applications of AI in Quality Assurance (QA). Based on model situations of real-world project scenarios, participants will learn how AI can be used to solve common problems without requiring you to be an Excel guru or a scripting wizard.

Workshop format:

Hands-on, interactive exercises simulating real-world scenarios.

Focus Areas:

Test planning, analysis, design, test case creation, and addressing common challenges.

Key topics

Demystifying AI for QA: Explore the benefits, limitations, and how to choose the right AI tool for specific tasks

AI-Driven Planning & Analysis: Learn how to optimise test plans, analyse requirements, assess risks, and extract insights using AI

AI-Assisted Test Design & Creation: Discover how to generate test cases efficiently based on requirements, prioritize and select them for execution with AI

Conquering Challenges in AI-Powered QA: Learn prompt engineering, common pitfalls and best practices of working with AI.

Workshop requirements

BYOT (Bring Your Own Tools):

Bring your laptop and use your preferred AI tools. Article INSERT LINK might inspire or help select an AI.

David Sedláček

I left development and have been primarily involved in quality assurance and management for more than 8 years. Since 2018, I have also been working on projects related to AI/ML, and today I am interested in the practical use of artificial intelligence in design and quality assurance.