CyberGuardians: a beginner's guide to defense and offense in the digital realm

Tesena Fest 2024 workshop led by Marina Mulyukina

25. 9. 2024


About the Workshop

"CyberGuardians: A Beginner's Guide to Defense and Offense in the Digital Realm" is an immersive 8-hour workshop designed to introduce participants to the critical world of cybersecurity. Tailored for beginners with minimal prior knowledge, this workshop demystifies the complex landscape of digital threats and equips attendees with practical skills to protect personal and organizational assets online.
Through a blend of theoretical insights and hands-on activities, participants will delve into understanding various cyber threats, setting up essential defensive measures, and exploring the fundamentals of ethical hacking within a legal framework.
"CyberGuardians" is perfect for students, IT professionals, small business owners, and tech enthusiasts looking to enhance their digital literacy and contribute to a safer internet space. Join us to embark on your journey as a cybersecurity advocate, ready to navigate and protect the digital realm.

Key topics

Cybersecurity fundementals

Ethical hacking

Digital defense strategies

Online safety practices

Begginer's guide to cybersecurity

Protecting against cyber attacks

Penetration testing basics

IT security for beginners

Marina Mulyukina

Marina began her career in testing as a manual tester 5 years ago and has since advanced into an Automation QA Engineer role, blending her IT expertise with a passion for cybersecurity, especially penetration testing. She's an active member of tech communities, sharing knowledge and staying updated with industry trends. Outside of work, Marina's adventurous spirit finds solace in the mountains, mirroring her professional journey's dynamic nature.

Jakub Benešovský

Jakub embarked on his testing journey in 2021 as a manual tester, quickly ascending to the role of Test Automation Engineer. At Tesena, Jakub focuses on enhancing his expertise in security testing and leveraging AI tools to refine testing methodologies.
When not delving into the complexities of testing, he indulges in his passion for board games and PC gaming. Jakub's love for camping mirrors his professional path—both characterized by exploration and discovering new horizons.