Approaches to Software Testing and Development Beyond Agile Environments

Tesena Fest 2024 workshop led by Sandra Klašková and Kamila Kozakovičová

25. 9. 2024


About the Workshop

We invite you to a playful workshop, where together we will dive into the world of alternative approaches to testing and software development. Come and dream of building a city with STEM robots running through its streets.
In small teams, you will try approaches such as Risk-based testing, Model-based testing or Acceptance test driven development.
Come and get involved in building a world where you do not even need the basics of programming and learn about different approaches to testing and developing software not only in an agile environment.

Key topics

Model-based testing

Exploratory testing

Acceptance test-driven development

Risk-based testing

Kamila Kozakovičová

Kamila has been working in IT since 2010. During that time, she has completed projects in several banks and in the automotive field. As a test analyst and test coordinator with almost 15 years of experience, he has experience in testing web applications, mobile applications, but also databases.
Since 2017, when she has been working in Tesena, she has also been a trainer for professional SQL, Test analysis and Test design techniques courses. In recent years, he has been involved in mentoring, both professional and trainers, and he also trains softskills workshops, where he helps trainers prepare quality training and advises how to conduct the training so that it is beneficial for all participants. Kamila also trains Test analysis directly in companies, where she can focus on specific client problems in order to best help solve the obstacles that are holding them back at work.
At Tesena Fest, she and her colleague Sandra Klašková prepared a completely new workshop Approaches to Software Testing and Development Beyond Agile Environments, in which you will not only learn about lesser-known approaches to test analysis, but also play with robots in the city you built.

Sandra Klašková

Sandra is result oriented, ISTQB Certified Test Manager with more than 8 years of experience in Quality Assurance processes, software testing management, communication with internal and external customers and leading of Quality Engineers teams. She has already gone through both backend and frontend projects, especially in banking environment. Sandra specialize also on test analysis, which she teach together with Kamila in their training courses Test Analysis in practice and Test Design Techniques.