(EN) Accessibility testing

18. 04. 2024 od 16:00 do 17:30 CET

Webinar led by Lenka Junová

About the presentation

Join us in discovering of this (sadly) underappreciated topic in testing. This event is an introduction for anyone who is curious about the topic of accessibility in general. We will also focus on why we need to test accessibility (yes, there are legislation standards), how to test for accessibility issues and how to design websites that are for all kinds of people.

Tesena is also currently preparing accessibility testing workshops. So… keep in touch with us through social media and welcome to the world of accessibility testing!

What will you learn from the webinar?

Why we need to pay attention to the topic of accessibility

What is accessibility testing and how we can approach it

Commonly used testing tools

Common mistakes in web design

Webinar is led by Lenka Junová

Lenka is a Junior Test Engineer passionate about accessibility and usability in general. Before officially entering the world of testing, she gained various experience in the fields of social and humanitarian work, project management and accounting. Nowadays, she mainly spends her days as HiL (Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation) tester in Digiteq Automotive and as an avid learner of accessibility testing. In this webinar, she would like to share what she has learned so far and why we should all care about accessibility.