Technical Workshops

Do you lack extensive experience in a specific area? Together, we'll devise a strategy tailored to your challenge and guide your team on the right path through interactive technical workshops.

How Will It Work?Jak to bude probíhat?

  1.  Kick-off Call
    At the beginning of our collaboration, we'll identify the problem that needs solving during a one-hour consultation. From inefficient processes, help with test automation to databases, integration strategies, or performance testing, we'll pinpoint the areas where your team needs improvement.
  2. Individual Interviews
    To fully understand your needs and challenges, we'll meet with selected team members. These interviews are crucial for preparing a workshop that's truly relevant and effective.
  3. Technical Workshop
    Based on all the gathered insights, we will prepare an interactive workshop tailored to all challenges and specific problems, combining training with practical tips.
  4. Collaboration Assessment​​​​​​​
    Together, we will evaluate whether we have successfully achieved the set goal and clarify further steps if needed.

Topics We Cover

Initial Assessment & Automation

With your testing team, we'll review your current application testing solutions, including tools for TC management and Test Management tools. Based on this information, we'll suggest improvement options and identify critical areas limiting your team's development and work. The outcome will be a clear report detailing all proposed steps and adjustments to the current state. This scope can also include preparing/modifying the testing strategy that guides the entire process.

Best Practices: Optimization of Automation

If your current automated testing solution isn't meeting expectations, requires too much maintenance, or lacks reliability, we'll help find a better solution. Whether it's selecting a different tool or identifying weaknesses in the current setup. For instance, we can define the need for more suitable identifiers for a web application, prepare test data directly in the database, or set up a process for reviewing new tests within the Git workflow.

Setting up CI/CD & GIT

Automation isn't just about running automated tests from the command line. Through consultation, we'll assist in setting up the entire process from storing source code in GIT, establishing workflows for code addition and review, to creating a new pipeline in your tool or integrating into an existing pipeline for application deployment.

Performance Testing Strategy

We'll propose user behavior scenarios, determine expected loads, and prepare scripts to simulate them. Based on monitoring performance metrics, we'll create a graph and help define system bottlenecks and improvement suggestions.

AI Integration

Artificial Intelligence can effectively be integrated into the entire testing process. During consultation, we'll demonstrate AI usage possibilities and propose integration to streamline testing.

Examples of AI Usage:

  • Generating test data or complete test scenarios
  • Writing scripts for automated tests
  • Extracting details from documentation
  • Supporting error analysis

Tesena is developing an advanced tool for autonomous testing that significantly speeds up test preparation and execution. If interested, we're happy to demonstrate this tool and assist with its implementation to optimize your testing process directly in your environment.

Automation Tool Selection

We'll help you get started with automated tests. During consultation, we'll review your current manual testing, select suitable test cases based on your technologies and languages, and choose appropriate automation frameworks with your team. We'll provide customized training and create documentation for easy use.

Prioritizing Tests for Automation

We'll identify which test cases are ideal for automation, focusing on regression, smoke, and integration tests. We'll categorize existing tests based on suitability for automation and create a plan.

Backend Integration Testing

We'll design testing scenarios for comprehensive testing including backend, APIs, and databases. We'll expand existing tests to cover new areas for comprehensive application coverage.

Automated Test Reporting

We'll set up reporting in Test Management tools (JIRA, Codebeamer, ALM, etc.) or aggregators like Elastic Search + Kibana and Report portal. We'll create a clear dashboard for efficient test result monitoring.

Database Systems and SQL

We'll teach your team basic knowledge of database systems and SQL querying. During the workshop, we'll explore various database access approaches and teach you the basics of designing suitable database structures and adhering to normalization forms. You'll also learn SQL querying from simple search queries to complex queries with conditions and joining multiple tables. Gain practical skills for testing databases and data warehouses using SQL and learn testing strategies ensuring the reliability and quality of your data.

Test Analysis and Test Design Techniques

We'll help you efficiently plan and design test scenarios. Together, we'll explore the differences in test analysis approaches in agile and waterfall environments. You'll learn the full scope of test analysis, including document review, effort estimation, writing tests at high and low levels, and risk analysis. Additionally, you'll practically work with tools to facilitate test design and ensure adequate coverage.

Taught Approaches: Exploratory testing, combinatorial testing, risk-based testing, experience-based testing

Taught Techniques: Boundary value analysis, equivalence partitioning, state transition, classification tree, decision table, orthogonal arrays, covering arrays, pairwise (n-way testing)

Meet Our Consultants

Tomáš Hák

Tomáš has been involved in testing for over 13 years. He was instrumental in the beginnings of automated testing at companies like (LMC), Kolonial (now Košík),, and in testing George banking and some Česká spořitelna banking APIs. Recently, he has been involved in automating testing systems for Škoda auto. He has used a wide range of tools, programming/scripting languages, and for the past four years at Tesena, primarily Python and the Robot Framework.

Kamila Kozakovičová

Kamila has been in testing since 2010. Over the years, she has worked with several banks, contributing from the very beginning of Smartbanking. She has experience in testing Internet banking, mobile applications, and databases. Since joining Tesena in 2017, she has been involved in projects at Erste bank and KB, training SQL and Practical Test Analysis.

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