Test Automation Using Robot Framework

Online self-study course. Get an introduction to test automation and Robot Framework.

Course description

This course provides participants with an introduction to the world of automation testing. It consists of a theoretical part, a description of libraries, development itself, and several practical tasks in Robot Framework. We will go through all the important areas of test automation and teach you important features of the whole framework on practical examples.

Key takeaways

Test automation basics

How to automate a web app, API, and DB

Gain the ability to create, run and debug tests independently

Gain the ability to analyze log and crash tests


Laptop/PC with admin rights. The entirety of the course has been made on Windows.

You need to be able to set up and install some things within Windows.

Basic work with the command line

Competency level

Beginner - No prior knowledge of automation required

Course details

Course price: 2.900 CZK / 121 EUR

Course duration: withou and expiration date

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