Tesena Fest Online Recordings

Week 1

Testing in Automotive/IoT

Challenges for Software Security Testing in Future Mobility

Autonomous vehicles will shift paradigms in safety, efficiency and performance – one factor which affects all three areas is cybersecurity. This talk will discuss some of the key issues that practitioners and engineers will expect to face in the future.

Embedded Software Testing

Many segments (space, aerospace, automotive, industry, etc.) are developing software with a common goal: to have no error in the provided code. Several standards exist: ECSS-E-ST-40C, DO-178C, MISRA C. They define software development processes, expected documentation, and coding standard.

Week 2

Testing in Agile/DevOps

Quality Engineering in DevOps

In DevOps it is crucial to benefit from automating activities in a CI/CD pipeline. Also teams benefit from the clear definition of QA&Testing topics that are a useful grouping of all activities relevant to quality engineering. There are organizing topics that are relevant to align activities between teams and performing topics that have a focus op the operational activities within a team.

Continuous Security Testing

At first glance, agility does not go hand in hand with excessive caution and strict compliance with regulations such as PCI Data Security Standards, Prudential Regulation Authority, etc. Is it possible for regulated industries to deliver new products and services at high speed, continuously, while meeting their regulatory compliance obligations?

Week 3

Continuous Testing

Distributed WorkLoad Generator for Performance/Load Testing Using Emerging Technologies

 In this talk we are going to demonstrate how we have built JAAS Distributed WorkLoad Testing solution using Containers, Docker Swarm and opensource tools and how this solution playing a crucial role in Delivering Servers Validation efforts.                           

Our Journey Towards Continuous Testing

Starting off with a properly functioning CI/CD pipeline and huge Test Suite for our product we have been far away from getting reasonably fast feedback for the engineers. Simplifying toolchains (using Robot framework) and establishing a feedback loop for the engineers with migrating and enhancing the existing test suite seemed to be a straightforward approach. Let me guide you through a brief snapshot of our journey.

Testing Your CI Pipeline

This is a highly practical session. No theory. We'll: take a popular CI/CD cloud solution (eg: Github Actions); look at a simple predefined CI/CD workflow yml -> and design one Test Case for it. Execute it manually; Automate that test case using the same workflow (using the Github Action Test automation framework); tips & tricks for developing testable CI/CD Pipelines.

BDD and Cypress.io in Testing a Multinational Netbanking Solution

Szilvia is giving us a presentation about the challenges and solutions in development and testing of a multinational retail netbanking system. 

Week 4

Testing with AI/ML

Future of Software Testing: Artificial Intelligence Assistance

AI is one of the hottest topics in software world nowadays. Especially mining valuable information from bugs can be made use of by managers to guide feature priorities. We make the outline well organized and easy-to-follow. We introduce the applications in different stages of testing, that makes audience easy to find what they want.

Introduction of AI Into Our Future of Work and the Shift in Skills Needed Now and Post Pandemic 

Join Jennifer as she takes us beyond the "why's" and explores the "how's" of relationship building. She will explain how establishing a "How can I help" mindset and trusting environment, telling a good story and other tips and tricks that she has gathered in her experience and in their research of contemporaries such as Simon Sinek, Tim Urban, Geoff Colvin and Rob Lambert.

Voicebots and Voice Biometry. How to Verify That These Systems Really Work? 

This presentation will provide a quick inside to this area. A basic overview of architecture of these systems will be presented, the method used to measure accuracy of each system will be described, and challenges from deployment of such systems will be discussed.

How Testers Will Save AI

30 years ago the world ran on paper and ink. Software shattered that world but it's quality and unreliability threatened to make a mess out of business and society. Testers answered that call and helped make the world a better place. Now AI is doing to software what it did to paper and ink. Time for testers to step up again. Join Distinguished Engineer and Evangelist James Whittaker as he explains the future of AI and what software testers need to do right now to help the world achieve a better future.