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The best software testing summit in Prague gathering experts from all over the region. Connect with other leading professionals.

10 October 2017

1 key topic

Impact Hub Praha

8 presentations

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100 professionals

Why Digital Transformation?

The modern world is driven by technology. It impacts all aspects of business and society. Many companies are starting their journey in digital transformation to try to maintain or increase their competitive advantage.

Our relationship to technology is continuing to evolve. We need to manage it in a way to be able to profit from its presence. Both the speed of change and quality expectations of your customers are increasing, so IT needs to be able to respond quickly with good quality, which cannot be achieved without the use of tools and related technologies.

These are unparalleled times in information technology. Mobile devices have become the primary go-to device for communications and content consumption, according to Gartner, Inc. In emerging economies, users are adopting smartphones as their exclusive means of getting online while in developed economies, multi-device households are becoming the norm. As such, TECHnalysis Research forecast predicts that by 2020, compared to year 2010, there will be reshaped the entire device landscape.

Testing in Digital Transformation

Business processes at all levels are influenced by digital transformation. Increased testing effort is required to strengthen the product or service at each transition throughout the development lifecycle and mitigate challenges posed by new technology.

Testing is crucial to ensure seamless customer experience which is a key driver for many business objectives such as corporate image protection, increasing image of quality and end-user satisfaction

The purpose of this event is to create a forum to exchange our experiences and discuss the current trends and good practices & trends in software testing.

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The price of a ticket is 6950 Kč/person exc. VAT. Due to a limited capacity, there is a limit max. 2 tickets for one company.


tesena|fest is bringing together not only local but also foreign leaders and experts in software testing, delivers insights into the emerging topics and shares experience directly by those involved in projects.

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