by Bohuslav Mach and Jan Kovařík, ZOOM International

In many Czech companies testing is an omitted or non-existing role. ZOOM as a Czech company with a global ambition aligned this scheme perfectly. Releases, which took about 12 – 18 months, were still more and more demanding with a shorter time of development. Products which went live were at the moment of release full of mistakes and customers saw them. Nowadays it is different, we test a major part of historical code and all new code. Our development moved to Agile in teams of 5-8 people, we follow Definition of Done, Code review policy involves also automated testing and Continuous integration is a usual part of our lives. We are looking towards Continuous delivery, Cloud Native technologies for hybrid deployment. What mistakes did we make, what was our pain and what were our lessons learned? For those of you who are going the same direction, to learn lessons from those ours.

Speakers’ bio

Bohuslav and Honza belong to ZOOM International team for a long time. Within this team there has been an ambition to make automated testing an essential part of software development.