by Dominik Schildorfer



Tickets are available until 1st of March 2020.

We will start with a short intro about the roots of DevOps and go on to talk about the most crucial DevOps values. The workshop covers the path from “Anti-Pattern” to “DevOps-Pattern” and gives a clear picture of different versions of organizational DevOps implementations. Most importantly, it shows how to integrate quality assurance into the mix.

In the practical demonstration that follows you will see in practice how a fully automated DevOps pipeline is designed and implemented from scratch.

This demonstration will include a short walkthrough in the following key areas:

  • Creating infrastructure templates for Azure resources
  • Setting up a build pipeline for creating artifacts for an application and its infrastructure
  • Building a release pipeline with infrastructure and application rollout

The workshop will end up with a Q&A session and an outlook on what the future may bring in the field of DevOps.


  • Most important DevOps goals in relation to high performing teams
  • Basic DevOps Values needed to establish a better team culture
  • How DevOps work in reality

Keywords: DevOps, CI/CD, Release Pipelines, Infrastructure as a code

Speaker’s bio

Since Dominik graduated from university he has devoted himself to the problem of decreasing SDLC timespan while retaining high quality of the final product. Therefore, in his professional career he has been focused mainly on test automation, service virtualization, process automation and DevOps. Participating in multiple projects not only has he found a practical application to his expertise but also gained important experiences in all these areas.

He is passionate about automation and he is always looking for new ways of helping teams to establish a working DevOps culture. Software quality stays his primary priority, as he believes that continuous quality is a crucial part of the software development life cycle.

Not only has Dominik worked as automation architect and DevOps expert on various projects, but he has also shared his knowledge with wider public by way of numerous talks and workshops.

We asked Dominik

What is the biggest obstacle or roadblock in SW testing that is slowing down improvement and innovation?

High efforts in manual regression testing and troubles related to seamless integration of testing are still a big problem that slows down high performing teams.

Will Manual Testing disappear in next years?

No, it will still be needed but will change its focus, to more specialized or focused tests.

How software quality fits into DevOps?

Software quality is one of the most crucial parts of DevOps. We talk about continuous quality that will ensure high quality output of a fast development process.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

Unlimited patience

What’s your favourite hobby?