by Michal Vaněk, Avast Software

Products are bigger, more complex and deployment of new versions is faster than ever. Emphasis on a sustainable quality grows with the speed of delivery. You cannot test and automate everything. So how to find out and specify what is important and what is not? To solve this puzzle we applied the famous Pareto-rule. We divided our product into several categories and for each category defined ordered list of tests with the highest impact on a product. These tests are then automated. In our talk we will reveal the categories and the way how to present it to all product stakeholders.

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Speaker’s bio

Michal works as Engineering Manager in Avast Software. His main duty is to make sure that Avast Windows products are in good shape when released to more than 200 millions of our users. He has experience from various projects in companies such as Sun Microsystems, CA technologies etc. He specializes in speed of delivery with cutting down cost of release.