Miroslav Renda has spent more then 20 years of his professional career in different roles in software development projects. After several years of working in a SW developer & IT analyst “overalls”, he moved to managerial positions. Having spent more than 10 years in project management, Miroslav enjoyed a shift “back to technology”, and for more then 5 years, he has acted in test manager roles mostly in banking industry. He is keen to learn new information and skills and is happy that working in various projects allows him to move forward.

“Motto: A person who loses passion for learning is one leg in a grave.”

Miroslav enjoys sharing his expertise through books, training sessions and conference lectures. He is an author or co-author of more then 10 books (Effective Software Testing is the latest), an instructor of countless training sessions on different topics in testing (such as Test Process Improvement, Risks, Test Planning), and project management. On several occasions, Miroslav was a speaker at the CzechTest testing conference . He is an accredited ISTQB trainer and former vice-president of the CaSTB (regional ISTQB board).

Miroslav’s courses:

ISTQB Foundation Level