Consultant, trainer and researcher in software testing methods.

I have spent more than 10 years by various software testing jobs: I managed testing of several large transformation and integration projects, managed testing department of Capgemini CZ and SK, cooperated with people around the TMAP methodology, reviewed and consulted the testing processes for a number of companies, set processes for test automation and supervised test automation projects – and also gave a number of testing trainings.
Recently, with a bunch of testing fans, we have relased a new Czech testing book “Efficient software testing”, published by Grada.

The last 5 years I do also research and development work in testing: Machines and proper methods can greatly save time and increase the confidence in our tests – from the test design to the execution of the tests. There is still a lot of work to move these technologies forward. With my PhDs we focus on improving current test automation methods and we do experiments how to aid exploratory testing by a machine support, making it just more efficient. I am also trying to create better algorithms and methods for business workflow testing and data consistency tests.

Besides the training industry, I am also talking about my experience in university lectures, spanning from introduction to good testing principles to advanced topics related to test automation and design of thorough and efficient test cases.

Miroslav’s courses:

Test Automation using Selenium and Java