Lucie is an enthusiastic IT girl with 7 years of experience in software testing. She started her career as a manual tester at IBM, later introduced herself to the test automation world at Commerzbank, Datev and nowadays working as a Senior Test Automation Engineer at tesena.

She has practical experience in automation of web applications with Robot Framework and Selenium WebDriver with Java and .NET, testing of APIs via Postman and also data verification using SQL queries. Her knowledge covers testing of all layers of modern web apps, which helps her to take a holistic, pragmatical and context dependent approach to testing. She focuses on the added value of automation, simplicity of use and maintainability of the scripts.

You can meet her at the Robot Framework course, where she will show you how to automate web applications with least effort. It’s a perfect introduction to the Test Automation, even if you have no or very little coding experience.

Lucie’s courses:

Test Automation using Robot Framework