Jan focuses on test automation of web, mobile and desktop applications for more than six years. Besides leading test automation teams in various business domains, his job includes also setting up of test automation infrastructure and related processes.
He has designed and lead the development of special test automation framework SmartDriver, built on top of the Selenium WebDriver. The goal of SmartDriver is to speed-up the test development process, to reduce test maintenance costs and increase stability and reliability. SmartDriver is supporting Page Object and Page Component patterns, page factories and is applicable to mobile, web and windows desktop applications. This framework is currently used by four large Czech companies from banking, mobile and gaming sector.
For the last three years, he provided training in test automation, and he is doing consultancy work in this area, including reviews of test automation projects and frameworks.

Courses trained by Jan:

Test Automation using Selenium and Java

Advanced Automated Testing with Selenium and Appium