by Philipp Benkler, Testbirds

In today’s digital economy it’s getting harder and harder to validate all of our various software, apps, websites, IoT devices etc. Not only do we have to worry about quality assurance but a seamless user experience as well. This gets even more complicated on a global scale with various device/OS combinations, network connections, languages, user demographics. We solve these growing issues in the market with crowdtesting and harnessing the power of the crowd.

Speakers’ bio

Philipp Benkler is co-founder and Managing Director of Testbirds. He is responsible for sales as well as the company’s internationalization and expansion. Philipp has significant experience in enterprise environments and as a freelance software developer. He took part in the elite network master‘s program “Finance and Information Management” at the University of Augsburg and the TU Munich in Germany and graduated Master of Science with honors.