Testing in Digital Transformation

Business processes at all levels are influenced by digital transformation. Increased testing effort is required to strengthen the product or service at each transition throughout the development lifecycle and mitigate challenges posed by new technology.

Testing is crucial to ensure seamless customer experience which is a key driver for many business objectives such as corporate image protection, increasing image of quality and end-user satisfaction.

The key to successful digital transformation is achieving customer confidence in the products and services of your company. Testing becomes a critical factor both during and after the transition to digital. The barriers to get into the digital and online applications market today are very low, there are several ways to distribute your product with a very low initial investment. However, this increases the possibility for new and existing competitors to easily steal the market share of your businesses. However, in all scenarios, you simply must make sure that you deliver stable products with high quality.

New technologies associated with Digital Transformation are creating new challenges for the QA and Testing function.

  • Test integration of services across local platforms, private and public clouds
  • Testing of end-to-end workflows, and the orchestration of data and services
  • Consistency of solutions across multiple channel interfaces (mobile, social and traditional systems)
  • Mobile testing
  • Performance testing, test automation
  • UX / usability testing
  • Security testing

The purpose of this event is to create a forum for us to exchange our experiences and discuss the current trends and good practices & trends in software testing.

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