By Lucie Lavičková

Agile is a trend in software development for almost two decades already, but for the past few years there is a boom among big companies to adopt it. I have experienced this transition process in 3 corporations already and identified 3 key aspects that are crucial in Agile: communication, speed and flexibility. Test Automation can help us to achieve all of them by following a few simple rules and best practices.

In this presentation, I would like to show you how can test automation help you in agile and several practical examples on how you can get more value from your automated tests reports from tools like Postman, RobotFW or Java with Selenium, how to make your tests run faster and how to design them to reduce the maintenance effort by using configuration files and data driven approach.

Presentation Preview

Speaker’s bio

Lucie is a passionate Senior Test Engineer with 8 years of experience in Software Testing. She has been working at various projects at IBM, Commerzbank, Datev and for the last 2 years she is proud employee of tesena. Lucie is leading an international QA team, preparing strategy for GUI test automation framework for a global client and giving courses of test automation using Robot Framework. She enjoys exploring and improving ways of working and sharing her knowledge with others.


  •  Where you see Software Testing in future (in next 5 to 10 years)?   

I believe Test Automation tasks will become less tedious thanks to various frameworks and tools, but on the other hand the information systems under test are becoming more and more complex, which puts more attention to the right test automation design. Also, there will be more involvement of IoT and machine learning, which need to be tested carefully as well. I see it as an exciting but also challenging future.


  • Is testing long-term dream job forever or just on step/stop on your life journey?

Testing is a very wide discipline and there are plenty of opportunities how to realize yourself, especially when it comes to test automation. I believe testing can be a truly lifetime love 😊

  • What is the biggest obstacle or roadblock in SW testing that is slowing down improvement and innovation?

Lack of technical skills and cooperation with developers. If they would unite together and start helping each other, the whole industry can benefit.