Teambuilding with customized professional development learning programs

tesena provides tailored team building program with workshop for testing professionals. Workshops focus on variety of knowledge and skills. Once workshop part is done, your team can have fun in teambuilding activities.

Do you need a professional development program for your team but you are not a fan of traditional courses? Or you just want to extend a traditional way of team development by experience-based events and education? And at the same time there is a need to tighten up as a team… Moreover, you are probably juggling with requests to cover both areas but you kind of lack the budget and time to carry them out? Our custom programs can include both parts and make it happen efficiently.

Building and managing a high-performing team is a challenge that includes a constant effort to focus not only on individual skills but also provide support and atmosphere to perform better as a team. Encourage innovation and empowerment, let your people learn new skills and reach their professional aims easily. All this can be done in two separated streams but merging training and teambuilding events might bring interesting synergies, experience and offer an efficient solution.

The tailored program will help team leaders to fulfill knowledge needs and at the same time and place you can strengthen your team culture and relationships.

We can design programs for your team based on our well-established courses and experience in topics such as:

  • Foundations of Software Testing
  • Test Management
  • Test Analysis
  • Agile
  • System Integration Testing
  • SQL for testers
  • Test Automation
  • Risk-based testing
  • …and many others

The benefits of conducting teambuilding with customized professional development learning programs

  • Shortlisting best venues based on your requirements and reservation
  • Building up a program for your team including both professional workshop and fun activities
  • Efficiently plan time of your team for professional training and teambuilding (particularly contributing for teams from more locations as this program brings them to one place)
  • Synergy of offsite event at which you can at the same time strengthen your team culture but also let people to learn something new in software testing
  • Your staff will enjoy getting away from stereotype for a day
  • The learning takes place while they are having a great time
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