Quality Assurance Practices in a SAFe transformation program

Tesena Fest 2023 presentation led by Szilard Szell

12. 10. 2023

Palác ARA, Prague

About the Presentation

Usually large organizations are selecting SAFe to initiate their digital transformation. The organization starts a multi-year journey where old habits are challenged, and new ones are expected to emerge. How can Test Managers work in the new frame? What Quality assurance processes and practices to be applied? What practices to keep, and what to change? Who will be responsible for what in testing, and anyway how this whole thing will come together? In this presentation I would like to share my experience of a case of a large telecom operator working with multiple suppliers and technology vendors, who selected SAFe as their business operating system. On the talk I will present the vision of the Continuous Quality Assurance Strategy, and what steps have been made to achieve the dream state This talk has been presented once at HUSTEF 2022: https://youtu.be/yMOgnaFI1h4 I am constantly updating it with additional learning and experience

Szilard Szell

Szilard is a DevOps Transformation Lead at Eficode, specializing in all things related to Quality. Szilard has a proven track record in large-scale DevOps Transformation Programs as a Test Coach with a focus on Quality Assistance. He has experience as an assessor, trainer, facilitator, and coach in the Test Automation and Testing Process improvement areas. As a SAFe 6.0 SPC, he runs successful training and coaching sessions for larger companies. As a conference speaker, Szilard is ready to share his views and knowledge with Testing Fellows, drawing from 22 years of industry experience and a multitude of certificates held. To give back to the Testing Community, Szilard is active in ISTQB. He is also an active member of HUSTEF, UCAAT, and TheDevOps Conferences Programme Committee. In 2021, he was a part of the Programme Committee for EuroSTAR. See more on: https://www.eficode.com/szilard-szell