System Integration Testing using SoapUI

Learn how to utilize the power of the open source tool SoapUI within System Integration Testing.

This one-day workshop will guide you through

IntroductionSoapUI BasicsSoapUI IntermediateSoapUI Advanced
Introduction to SITInstallationAPI requests for creating entitiesScripting
Integration stylesHow to use SoapUI How to use variablesSimulation
XML, XPath, JSON, SOAP, RESTFirst SOAP project
REST architectureModularization

Course goals:

The IT world becomes more complex and interconnected. As a result it’s becoming increasingly important to verify that applications exchange information as we expect them to. That is where System Integration Testing comes into play.

In this course we will first take a look at what SOAP-based and REST-based Web Services are. Then we will focus on how to test them using the open source tool SoapUI.

SoapUI is the number one open source API testing tool for SOAP and REST APIs. The tool offers SOA Web Services functional testing; API functional testing; Test coverage; Message assertion testing; Test refactoring and much more. Backed by a vast open source community, SoapUI helps verify quality during development and testing of APIs and Web Services.

This course has many hands-on exercises where you will have chance to practice the basics of System Integration Testing using SoapUI.


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System Integration Testing using SoapUI
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System Integration Testing using SoapUI
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System Integration Testing using SoapUI
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