by tesena automation enthusiasts

In the world of software development, we often see that we need something right NOW. This also applies to testing. More and more companies tend to test automation, in some cases automated testing is an integral part of software development. But when and why does make sense to automate? How long does it take to prepare everything and write the test scripts? Is it possible to run an automated test within a few minutes? What does it take and what apps and tools to use?
Is it possible to use automated tests without a deeper knowledge of scripting and without the help of their author?

Speakers’ bio

Tomáš Hák is currently working in a role of a Test Automation Specialist. He used to be involved in automation and management of testing web services for e-commerce. Nowadays he is a part of projects in test automation in Česká pojišťovna a Česká spořitelna. Besides other, he is also a holder of ISTQB Technical Test Analyst certificate.
Jakub Hrkal is a dynamic tech enthusiast focused on software quality assurance. He has participated in multiple software development projects, predominantly in the finance domain. His key area of interest is integration testing and test automation. Jakub teaches system integration testing at University of Economics in Prague and follows the development of cool testing tools and technologies. Among others, Jakub is a holder of the ISTQB Technical Test Analyst certificate. He is currently working as a Test Automation Engineer / Software Developer in Komerční banka.
Ondřej Mudra is focused on manual and automated testing. He has been participating in migration project in Raiffeisenbank where he also covers integration tests automation training. Besides this he is specialised in technical areas such as performance testing. Ondra is well-known for his critical thinking and he actively contributes to discussions.
Vladislav Nuriev is currently working as a Test Engineer in tesena. He is interested in web development and has been a part of various interesting projects such as the current one with Česká Spořitelna (a new web for their customers preparation). Vlad is also involved in test automation and checking correctness of responsive design on various devices. In other projects, he has been participating in testing for Škoda Auto and Soundtrack Your Brand, which has brought him a lot of experience and joy not only because cars and music are things he really likes.
Vojtěch Svoboda has begun as a junior test engineer and through a hard work and after finishing some important projects he made it to a Delivery Manager so far. His career started about 2 years ago during his studies at Czech Technical University. Vojta is also tesena’s youngest but very enthusiastic trainer who is apt to describe certain problematics in an easiest way so everyone, even non-technical person can understand.